Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Summer Saturday

Motocross: Report from the track - Motocross Boy blew the transmission on his KTM 65. It just turned into a $1000 trip to the track. Gulp. Another Dad we hardly know came through and is letting him use his son's extra bike. They swapped out the plastic (has his race number on it) and are good to go now. We hope. High winds are turning the area into a dust bowl. They've been watering the track to keep the dust down but not the roads and parking areas so it's getting bad. Scott had to close all the windows on the camper or risk sleeping in a sand castle by tonight.

Horses: We will be heading over to give Stanley his bath and get him banded a little earlier than originally planned. Storms are heading in and I want to get the trailer hooked up and parked before they hit but the forecast for tomorrow is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so excited and Equestrian Girl is getting more than a little antsy. She's only 10 points out of the lead for high point for the season for her age group...and she missed that one show!

Homeschooling: My list of lists includes making a "seasonal cleaning checklist". I won't even comment because that is so hilarious on it's own!

Off Topic: While putting our water bottles on ice this afternoon in the trailer I smelled something bad. While Equestrian Girl went to find the Febreeze, I followed my nose. Big mistake. Sort of. I found a container of taco meat that I had somehow missed removing from the long since turned-off refrigerator. I'm still gagging 2 hours later and wondering why I didn't just toss the tupperware bowl but instead emptied it in my sink and put it in the dishwasher...which of course meant I had to turn the dishwasher ON even though there wasn't much in there because I could bear to wash it. Blech!

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