Thursday, August 13, 2009

Horse News

Horses: Our Stanley is almost famous! A while ago I sent in a picture and short story to Platinum Performance, the supplement company we use for Stanley's supplements, as part of a contest to win some free product. A couple days ago they informed me they were sending me a t-shirt and some free canine supplements and then today they let me know they posted Stanley and Equestrian Girl's picture and our story on their blog.

In less happier horse news, Stanley has ANOTHER new boo-boo. He managed to cut the back of his hoof/heel including the coronet band. He didn't seem to be lame on it and it wasn't particularly deep but it's in a bad spot. Of course, this is right after we took off the bell boots because he really didn't "need" them. Dang.

Motocross: Tomorrow is Motocross Boy's 12th birthday!!!!

Homeschooling: I'm truly amazed but I think both kids finished all their school work for the week. Equestrian Girl did some extra reading and Motocross Boy popped over to an educational website to "learn a bit about knee replacement surgery". Go figure.

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OnTheBit said...

Very cool!! And isn't they way it always soon as you think you are being over protective they go and hurt themselves to show you that you were not crazy after all. I hope he is feeling better soon.