Monday, August 17, 2009

A Weekend "Up North"

I took the camera but I'll be darned if I ever picked it up!

We drove north this weekend to our little cottage in the woods leaving most of our wired world behind. Well...I checked my email on my Blackberry and Equestrian Girl snuck her laptop into the golf course restaurant for their WiFi connection and Motocross Boy did the same with my IPod. But mostly it was just rest and relaxation!

Saturday we went golfing with one of Scott's friends who was up alone for the weekend. Equestrian Girl drove my cart and was chauffeur and the rest of us golfed. I'm not much of a golfer - this was only my second time this year - but I did remarkably well as did Motocross Boy. After golfing we had some snacks and drinks in the restaurant. I also finished the book I brought to read.

Sunday was a slow start but we ended up at one of the lakes with a cooler of drinks and sandwiches. Motocross Boy had bought worms and went fishing until he tangled his line to the point of no hope. Scott and I spent most of the time observing the people around us - mostly the teenaged girls, their boyfriends and their toddler children and praying that our kids have more sense.

Motocross: Scott brought the Boy his bikes so he buzzed around the track in the yard and on the trails behind the house. Later, playing golf with Equestrian Girl in the yard, he wacked at a bees nest a few too many times and got stung 9 times from head (literally) to toe. Kinda ruined his night.

Horses: We had left Stanley with the boo-boo on his foot so I asked the BO's son to put medicine on it every day while we were gone. He did and it didn't look too bad tonight!! But the poor boy is still getting beat up - has a new scrape on his face now. Equestrian Girl wants to keep him isolated for the next two weeks - no big pasture for sure and preferably not in the paddock with his buddies either. I hate to do that to him but I have to agree he's looking pretty ragged lately. I might try his fly sheet first and see how that goes and then ask to have him separated. The next two shows aren't all that important but the two in October are so we have a while to get him healed up.

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