Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More on Motocross Boy

Motocross: My boy is a blast. Nearly everyone who meets him thinks he is a good kid and so much fun to be around. He can have a conversation with anyone (so much for an anti-social homeschool kid) about anything. I snapped these pics this morning. We realized the other day we had NO recent pictures of our boy's face. Sure, we have it inside his helmet wearing goggles but none where you could actually SEE him!!

Homeschooling: I was speaking with an attorney today that I am acquainted with through work and he asked how my kids were doing in school this year. I explained that we've been homeschooling for going on 2 years...and started explaining how successful we've been and how it's been such a blessing to our family and just how passionate I've become about the whole topic!

I just read about a new study that found that not only are homeschoolers testing higher on standardized testing than public school kids but that they are doing it with no regard to socioeconomic status OR how much their family spends on their curriculum. The average family surveyed spent less than $600 per year per student. We probably spent close to that the first year but have since reduced that amount dramatically by utilizing online curriculums and the public library. But what is amazing about that amount is that it is so significantly less than what the government spends annually on EACH public school student. The amount varies but from what I've read it's around $5000 per student per year here in Michigan. And look at the number of schools and students that are failing even with all that money to spend...amazing. I can teach my children for less than 10% of the money and in less than half the time and with better results than the government run public schools.

Horses: It's been a decidedly non-horsey day. Equestrian Girl hasn't even asked me about going to the barn or riding... But we are once again remodeling our master bathroom (about the 3rd time in 17 years - no moss growing under our toes!) and I'm going to maneuver for a western/horse theme. Hubby doesn't know it yet though. Shhhh!!

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