Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting Organized

I love getting organized.  I am just not very imaginative about doing it.  Or actually doing it.  This cupboard has been a pile of pans for almost 10 years.  You take one out and they all clatter and bang and fall over.  20 minutes and some hooks and I actually have a usable space that looks organized!!  Next project another 10 years.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Motocross Boy/Man decided to create a "shrine" to himself of all his trophies. Well, most of them.  Some are too tall to fit in this space under the eaves.  All the plaques are missing too....the kid has quite the collection going!  Is this going to be one of those manly things where he's going to have to keep them forever and build a bar in his basement some day to display them all?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time to get caught up!

I fell off the blogging bandwagon big time this fall!  I think it started with this hotel in Manistee.  It was this old historic place with no elevators.  I took Motocross Boy/Man there with me for a quick business trip - I had to present Medicare benefits to a bunch of retirees.  My business associate had picked out this hotel and was bringing her son too - he is only 4 so my kid was along to help keep him entertained while we did the meeting.

We were the ONLY people in the hotel that night.  I mean the desk clerk packed up and left just after we checked in!  She did put us all up on the 4th floor which wasn't fun climbing that many stair but on figuring out were were the only people in the hotel, made us more comfortable that if someone broke in, they'd have a long way to go to find us!

It was spooky.  Maybe the hotel sucked out my blogging gene.

Here's the front of the hotel.

The bedroom - you walked into the room and then 3 stairs.  Kinda odd but the rooms were very cute and nicely decorated.

Hard to see much of the bathroom but it was cute too with all new fixtures and beadboard paneling which I love!