Saturday, November 30, 2013


As much as it pained me to sell Stanley, I knew he wasn't cut out for Equestrian Girl's next equine adventure - jumping.  While he could handle some low jumps on occasion as he did this summer doing the cross rails class at the Spur Shows, it really wasn't his thing.  While we looked for a horse to do eventing with, we signed up for some lessons.  Well, EG did, not me.  

This beautiful Warmblood horse is Ritz owned by our friend Maggie.  

Maggie has trained Ritz from a baby and she knows her job well enough to handle EG who only knows the littlest bit about jumping.

I hope you can see the big smile on Equestian Girl's face in this picture.  She was having SUCH a good time riding Ritz and handling her big jump over the cross rails!

By the time the sun was setting and the lesson was wrapping up, they were both getting tired but had so much fun!  No doubt that Equestrian Girl is going to enjoy this.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Racing at Freelin

It's no secret that watching motocross scares me.  Watching through my camera lens helps.  I can take a couple hundred pictures in a single race that only lasts about 6 minutes.  A good chunk of them don't turn out all that great but that's the beauty of digital photography.  Delete.

Freelin is one of my favorite tracks for taking pictures.  There are several different spots where I can go for a different view of the track and I can see almost all of it from any one spot.

There are several spots where I'm very close to the track.

The big concrete pipe you see just to the right of Austin's front tire is actually a tunnel under the track.  It's over 5 ft high - I can walk through without ducking.

One could think that a shot like this was on purpose.  It wasn't.  Austin is in the background in perfect focus.  The other guy photobombed me.  It happens quite a bit since the track criss crosses back and forth.

Arial shots like this are actually the easiest to catch sometimes so long as I know where he is and that he'll be coming over the hill soon.  

And of course, my big ham loves to be interviewed by the announcer and didn't even notice me taking this one!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I don't have to cook today, I'm spending at least some of the day catching my blog up to date!  Its been a crazy fall though I don't have much of an excuse. Well, I do have a little one, but it's not enough.  In the mean time, I'm going to start blogging away before I head over to my sister's to eat some of her fabulous cooking and cookies!!