Friday, June 23, 2017

The Next Generation

For 5 years Madison and I did horse shows with Sheri and her horse, Chilly.  We traveled the state doing APHA shows and were at all the local Spur shows together.  We were a mini horse show family.  Even after we sold Stanley, Madison partnered up with Sheri to show Chilly when Sheri was pregnant.  We spent many, many hours together helping each other and being a "team".

Fast forward a few years and that baby bump is now a FOUR year old!  Madison couldn't make it but I trucked myself out 2 hours to meeting up with Sheri and Mak last Friday to help with the showing the next day.

Sheri has a new truck and trailer so we had plenty of space.  And Make was a trooper hanging out with the big girls while we had some Sangria as a "sleeping aid" before bed.

The next morning, while Sheri was warming up for Showmanship, Mak and had fun messing around playing "Statue" and hide and go seek.  We also sent Madison goofy selfies!

Sheri was happy to place 3rd in a medals class for Showmanship.

Next up was lead line class.  We got Mak dressed in her cute little cowgirl outfit including her chaps. Sheri and I laughed that zipping "B" butts into chaps has become my specialty!  Oh how many times have I had to tell Sheri to suck in her butt so I could zip her chaps!

Ready for her lead line class and ready to show!

Mak did great showing off for the judges and came away with quite a haul in prizes for her first place finish!

I had a wonderful time back in the folds of my horse show family starting our next generation!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

98 degrees in June

What do you do when it's already 98 degrees in June?

Start out by hydrating at work with cinnamon iced tea.

Then take a beer to the pool undercover for 5:00 happy hour.

And last, make sure you water your hanging pots so all the flowers done die. Again.

Monday, June 19, 2017's done!!

Going into last weekend I had ONE section of cabinets left to do.  Just three drawers and three doors.

They fit nicely on my work table in the middle of the kitchen.

And less than 48 hours later - it was done!!

And this side is done.

And these are done.

And yes, the whole dang kitchen is done!!!  Okay, well, its 98% done.  I still have to put the knobs and pulls on and paint the kick boards but it LOOKS done!!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day, Pops!

I'm sure most daughter's think their Dad is the best dad ever.  I'm no exception.  My Dad has had my back over and over and over again.  He's taught me to be strong and self reliant.  He taught me how to open the choke in a carburetor to start a car!  And he's taught me how to be fiscally responsible.  He has always put family first.  Always.  Always.

And I think he passed along a few genes, too!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Momma's Shoes

My mom gave me these shoes after I graduated from college and entered the working world.  They had been her shoes when she was still working at Hudson's Department Store so at least 21 years old...they are black suede but almost feel like velvet.  The heel tips are metal and there are tiny metal studs at the tips of the toes. The made quite a racket when you were walking in them.  No padding either.

But they made me feel so beautiful and special because they were my mom's. And they started a rather amusing tradition that until just recently, I hadn't realized had started with this pair of pumps.  Almost every time I see my mom (once or twice a year these days), she ends up giving me a pair of shoes.  They usually aren't new, or at least brand new.  Most of the time they are shoes she bought because she liked them but decided they hurt her feet after she wore them once or twice. Some of my favorite shoes have ended up in my closet as hand me down's from Mom.

And it all started with this pair.  The inside liner is cracking and stiff but they are otherwise in pretty good shape.  I'm not sure why I've kept them.  I can still get them on but I'm not sure I could wear them for very long.  They are are about 55 years old...older than me.  But pretty dang cool that I still have them!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Mixed Bag

One warm afternoon Madison and I took Charlie to Milford for a little exploring.  They found a good spot for a couple of pictures.

I have said it several time and I'll say it again.  I love the farm where we board Mata Hari. There's a serenity there like no other place I've been.

THIS was exciting.  Someone else (Jenna) is riding Mata Hari for a lesson!  Mata Hari has pretty much just had me and/or Madison on her back except for a few "walkers" on her.  This was a jumping lesson and they rocked!

This family of geese...I was cracking up.

Madison and I went for a long walk one evening last week and caught this.  As we walked we talking about how much we both love walking in nature and I reminded her about all the hikes I use to take her on when she was little where we would talk about Indians and how they might have lived without modern conveniences.  Good memories of all the hiking we did!

Yeah, this apple tree. Apple bush.  Trimming it up didn't help it much.

Monday, June 12, 2017

More to a horse show than just showing!

Now that Madison is older and WAY more self-sufficient at horse shows, I find myself with a little free time on my hands.  Luckily, Maggie brings along her 2 year old - my FAVORITE age!!

She helps feed the horses.

And then she gives them smooches.

We played lots of games on the grass including pulling it out and throwing it in the air while laughing hysterically!

Later I was shown some new yoga moves.

I tried my best to follow along!

And then later on I snuck out to my horse trailer, hooked up my hammock, and took a nap!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Never Ending Cabinet Project

I've been slowly working my way around the kitchen painting the cabinets.  This wall is now done (except for the knobs and handles).  I even fixed that bottom drawer that was really hard to pull out by replacing the glide.  I still have to paint the trim UNDER the cabinets but that will be last.

This section was next on the list.  It doesn't look like much but I also had to do the end on the left of the dishwasher and the backsplash as well as all that trim around the bar top.

My small card table has taken up permanent residence in the middle of the kitchen and an old plastic picnic table cloth is the drop cloth.

Almost done..

And DONE!   Last section is a bottom section with 5 doors and 5 drawers.  I'll probably end up doing it in two phases because I simply don't have enough space to set up all 5 doors at once.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Horse Show!!!

It had been a YEAR since our last horse show!  I was dying...everyone knows I LOVE going to the shows with my daughter and our horses.  Love it.  Missed it!

This was to be Vince's FIRST show. First time away from the farm since we got him off the track the end of last July (other than switching barns a few weeks later).  He settled in good and I planted my self in my chair to absorb the environment!

A little later, we took him out to school in the big arenas on the show grounds. He started out a little hot but quickly settled down when Madison mounted up.

Within 30 minutes, he was much quieter and was doing well.

They schooled over some low jumps to get a feel for what the Jumper course would feel like.

The next morning - they were ready!  Although it was only a BIG schooling show, Madison was turned out to SHOW as she usually does.  The goal was just to get him through the course - nothing special and no worries about placing.

The first day they ended up with a 4th and a 2nd.

But Madison being Madison wasn't happy with red and white ribbons.  BLUE is her color.

And so she went and got herself a blue.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Dang Cat

As if delivering toy mice to my bed every night isn't enough.  THIS is what I wake up to more mornings than I can count.  Henrik perched on my stomach and chest staring me in the face.  Silly cat!!