Sunday, May 10, 2015

Madison's Senior Prom 2015

Being homeschooled does change up things like formal graduations and school dances.  Madison has been fortunate to go to some of her friend's dances at public schools and was thrilled when a local boy invited her to go to his senior prom - the same prom where some of her friends would be!

I gave her a pretty tight budget for prom and she came through with flying colors by buying her dress on eBay and having me do her hair for her.

And she did her own makeup and nails.

Daddy couldn't have been prouder!

I was proud too but a bit of a nervous wreck having to be responsible for the hair-do!

Madison's best friend Kari came to our house to meet up with her date, George.  They looked good!

Mitch came too and was very nervous putting on that corsage - imagine when it's a ring on some lucky girl's finger!

I was happy to see him looking at her face and not her chest!

Luckily his momma was there to help with the corsage since Madison couldn't get it on quite right.

Two really sweet couples in front of my favorite sweet lilacs!

Madison and Kari - the belles of the ball!

Kari and George.

And lots of Madison and Mitch!

On the dock at Iaquinta's marina.

With Sammy Iaquinta and his girlfriend.

The group they went with.

Just the girls!

The day was pretty hot with clouds that rolled in and out making it hard to get good pictures when the sun poked out super bright.  Especially for Madison since she has a hard time with sun in her eyes.

My little Latvian Princess is getting all grown up...

Boys will be boys!

Uh...I thought they went to prom???

Apparently Mitchell got a bit hot with all the dancing Madison was making him do and lost his shirt in the process!

After they all went to a big party hosted by one of the families and had a great time with more dancing and socializing.  A good end to a great night for memories!