Friday, August 31, 2012

Racing at Polka Dots

I have totally neglected the motocross side of my blog so I'm obviously playing catch up.  That's not hard considering our last horse show was the beginning of August so I have no pictures to post on that anyway!

Polka Dots is one of my favorite tracks.  It's very woodsy and shady so it's nice for hot summer days.  You can't SEE the whole track like you can MPX though so there are lots of times that Motocross Boy/Man is out of my sight for a while and that makes me nervous.  

I can see him on the starting gate.  I make HIM nervous if I stand too close though.  

Only seconds off the starting gate and they are already heading into woods where I can't see them.

And then he magically appears coming OUT of the woods.

Still a ways a way but within sight at least.  Thank goodness for that great zoom lens on my camera.

Now he's back almost by his momma's side!

But I get distracted when he's back out of site and take pictures of planes flying in a two man formation up in the sky.

And this is when I'm thankful I'm behind the camera because if I actually saw him doing this little whip on the jump, I'd have a heart attack.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

More at MPX

It always seems like so many of my racing pictures show Motocross Boy/Man alone but a race is not a race if you are alone!  Often there's 10-20 guys at the starting gate but as they spread out, it can seem like they are alone but they aren't!

They are side by side trying to pass.

Or 3 side by side by side heading into a corner to see who will take the lead.

Or following so close behind you just know they're going to sneak around when they have a chance.

Or it's my boy that's following close.

Or trying to bump someone out of the way in a turn.  They're mean that way!

But if it work, it means you are ahead of the next guy.

Until someone else ends up next to you.

Sometimes there's just a jumble of people and you can't figure out which way they're going.

It's easiest when it just looks like he has the place to himself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Fun at MPX

It's not just all about racing when we go to the track - it's family time too when ALL of us are there!

Here Motocross Boy/Man looks like he's trying to talk Scott into something.

This is right after a race - all smiles but look at that dirt on his chest! Ick!  Usually he's wearing some on his face too.

Hanging with the sista!

I love when I see them doing stuff together even if it's just walking over to watch someone race.

Daughter, husband, son.

Later, Equestrian Girl tries to help her friend ride a unicycle.  

And then the friend tries to help her.  They weren't too successful!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Racing at MPX

The plan had been to take it easy this summer - less horse shows and less racing.  For the boys, less means very little less. But they aren't point chasing except for at MPX in Sebawaing which is in the Michigan Thumb tip.  Nice open track where you can always see everyone riding.  Fairly flat so it seems a little safer too.

Sometimes it does seem that they're riding on collision courses.

Or jumping on each other!

But I can get a few good pictures and get pretty close too.

It's not the closest track and some kids don't like it much because its so flat and not real technical but *I* like it just fine!

Monday, August 27, 2012

If Kidnapping were legal...

I would take this little guy home with me.  Here he's with his tiny little motocross bike lookin' all bad.

Then he spots me taking pictures of him when he's playing with the mud on motocross boy/man's bike.

He's still giving me the stink eye...

So I ask him if I can take his picture with Austin's bike and he agrees.  Without talking.

I ask him to smile for this picture.  Can you tell the difference?  It's subtle - look hard!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fairy Doors

I've heard about Fairy doors for years but had never seen one...  Much to his embarrassment, Motocross Boy/Man spotted this one at the pediatrician's office.  It's a UofM Fairy Door!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After Work

After a hard morning of working on dressage...

Stanley heads out for a drink.


Then stops for a snack,

before heading out to join his friends in the pasture.

Monday, August 20, 2012