Saturday, August 8, 2009

We need the rain but....

The radar is showing the whole state covered with rain...and it is likely to last all day. We had planned on doing a heavy duty "summer" cleaning today with no horse shows or races to attend so we turned on the A/C last night along with all the ceiling fans. I awoke this morning to lots of little black dust dog hair rolled into balls with the help of the ceiling fans! Good thing I realized what they were right away or they could have been pretty scary since it was still quite dark with the rain.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op
#1 Way to Save

Above is the logo and link for the Homeschool Buyer's Co-Op. I'm not sure where I first found out about it but I did join last week and have since purchased "My Access Writing" and "e-Tap" curriculums through them. Both were a great deal over what I could have purchased on my own. I saved $140 on e-Tap and about $50 on My Access Writing. I doubt I could have found coupon codes anywhere else to save that much and the Co-Op made it really easy since everything was in one place and you purchase the curriculum directly through them too. They also have great deals on online curriculums like BrainPop - which I paid full price for last spring! That one bums me out since I have a son that really does well with BrainPop but maybe I can renew through them? Tis the season for curriculum shopping and the Co-Op just made it a little cheaper for my strained budget!

Horses: I took a picture of the cut on Stanley's side with my cell phone camera but can't figure out how to get it on my computer. There are limits to my tech abilities! It is looking much better as of last night. Equestrian girl hasn't ridden him with a saddle since I think the pad will rub on it but she did bang around on him the past two nights bareback. The first night was truly just messing around with some barrels and low jumps. Last night they worked on a little equitation too since she was using a bridle and not just a halter and lead rope!

Motocross: Good news on the bike repair - even better than getting free labor. The part that broke and left pieces of metal throughout the engine is being replaced by the manufacturer for free and the sum total of other parts needed is only about $200. Yea!!!

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