Sunday, February 2, 2014


I'm not one to complain much about the weather but boy oh boy has it been cold this winter!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Silly Pony

I haven't written much about our new horse, Mata Hari and feel rather bad about it.  She's absolutely AMAZING and has quickly melted herself into our hearts.  Today Equestrian Girl spent a bit of time free lunging MH who happens to love the corner of the arena near the observation room.  

I think she knows its warmer in there and wants to go in!

But she got caught.  Foiled again!

It sure didn't stop EG from loving on her!

They are just so darn cute together!!!

This little video clip shows a bit of what they were working on.  Soon they will be doing these jumps together!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My sister found these awesome giant Christmas Cookie Cutters last weekend!  Since she has started a small business making cookies these hit a sweet spot with her and she just HAD to have them.  I'd love to find her one shaped like a snowman and could easily have one made by my welder buddy but if this is part of a set...anyone know where I can find one???

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread House

Equestrian Girl was invited over to the boyfriend's house by his mom to help in their family tradition of decorating a gingerbread house.  She was VERY excited to do this and had even mentioned making one to me recently.  All these pictures are courtesy of Sylvie - the boyfriend's mom.

Supposedly the hair got curled for this event while reading English...

They look pretty intense here!

And the finished product!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Unsocialized Homeschoolers

There are many truths about homeschooling that I find pretty funny.  Yes, my kids do spend a good chunk of their study time in pajamas. Why not?  Wouldn't you want to?  Yes, we sometimes take a day off just because.  Again, why not?  We don't have to be done with school on a certain day in June!  

But the one thing that always gets me, especially when asked by people who should know better, is the socialization question.

"What do you do about socialization if your kids are homeschooled?"

The answers to this question, both serious and fun, have been discussed at length and always amuse me.  I don't think we've ever really "thought" about socialization.  It just happens.  With all types and ages of people.

But recently, a new development with Equestrian Girl had someone asking me a new socialization question.

This happened.  A nice young man brought her roses and asked her to be his girlfriend.  And someone asked me how a homeschooled girl gets a boyfriend.  

Really?  Is it possible to think that a homeschooled child is so UN-socialized that their hormones don't work and that they never learn about the opposite sex?  

To make it even more interesting, I was then asked if the boy is also homeschooled.  He isn't.  Are homeschooled children only allowed to socialize with each other?  Is it possible that no contact can be allowed with those "public" school children?  I can very honestly say that both of my kids have more public schooled friends than they do homeschooled kids.  Since this is the case, isn't it quite likely that they'd end up dating a public schooled friend?  Motocross Boy/Man had his first girlfriend last spring.  She was also a public schooled girl.

Now what I do find interesting about the relationship between this public schooled boy and my homeschooled girl is how the relationship is so 'protected' compared to one between two students going to the same school.  Their closest friends have all seen them together and of course, it's public on social media that they are a couple, but there's no peer pressure for their relationship to be anything but what they want it to be.  It's rather refreshing and one of those unexpected benefits of having homeschooled kids.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Tree

Equestrian Girl loves going with Dad to pick out the Christmas Tree every year.  Since I have to go out of town tonight and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, my guess is that she may have it decorated by the time I get home....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I've been back on crutches since the middle of November (although by the time you are reading this, I'm probably off them again).  The first time, back in May, I horrifyingly discovered that not only couldn't I use one leg for walking, I had lost my hands because they had to hold the darn crutches!  This had me totally confounded for several days but I gradually found that the waist band of my yoga pants could hold my travel coffee mug, a light tote bag was almost always slung over my shoulder to transport this and that, and pants with pockets became vital.

About the last week I was on those crutches someone told me that they actually make cup holders for them!  I was so excited knowing I'd be going this way again soon.  As soon as this last surgery was scheduled, I was on the search for the perfect cup holder.  I started out looking for a traditional type cup holder - one that was solid and clamped on to the crutch rail.  And then I stumbled on these little babies.

Crutcheze are really just two small pockets with some velcro.  Totally easy to make yourself if you were so inclined but absolutely perfect for what I wanted.  I ordered two.  One for each side.  I keep all my go everywhere with me essentials in one - my license, debit card, gas card, lip balm and phone.  I add other wallet stuff as needed but there's easily enough space to keep more.  The other one is reserved for liquids.  My travel coffee cups fit great as does a water bottle.  If I'm not transporting liquids, I might have other stuff stuck in there.  

They seriously ought to sell these things right at the place where you are picking up your crutches.  I wish they came in cool colors - or paisley!  I'd give an arm for them in a Vera Bradley type paisley!!!