Monday, June 27, 2016

Master bathroom

It's not actually done yet but I have a good start.  The master bathroom was mostly "white" walls with this one hideous brown wall.  I'm loving this Behr Marquee paint - it really does cover in one coat - even another color this dark.

Austin was over to help me take down this mirror so I could paint behind it.  Surprise. It was GLUED to the wall!  We were being so careful trying to hold it after we had unscrewed the little clips that we thought were holding it and then had to pry the damn thing off which of course cracked it.  Now I think I understand why the other bathroom mirror is cracked - they probably tried to take it down when they painted that bathroom and failed.  New mirror is now in the budget.

With the two glass block windows this room is never dark.  Even at night.  There's a street light in front of my house so I'll never need a night light in the bathroom!  Those window did require some serious caulking though.  I still haven't figured out what to do with the window sills. They are some sort of plastic composite and are in rough shape.  Some sort of paint I suppose unless I can use contact paper cut REALLY carefully maybe?

Looking better painted.  Light bulbs are on the list...

Three weeks until the flooring goes in...the rug just doesn't do much to hide the particle board floor, does it?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Making it mine...

Moving is never easy and it's especially hard after being in the same house for over 20 years.  It hasn't made it any easier doing it in little bits and spurts while I remodel the place.  But slowly, I've been bringing in MY stuff and making it mine.

Not sure why I felt so compelled to install my box wine in the fridge when I'm not sleeping there yet and I won't drink and drive but...there it is, in the place of honor on the top shelf!

I'm not even sure I remember the story correctly about these little ceramic dutch shoes...we either got them on a trip to Holland MI as kids and were my mom's or maybe my grandparents brought them back from Holland?  Either way, they've been fixtures in my life for a long time.

Nothing special about these canisters.  They were in the cottage when we bought it and I like the colors.  

This counter is holding the three staples required by any woman doing a remodeling project.  Her screw gun, caulk gun and coffee pot!  

I'm dying to paint that green wall in the kitchen but priorities necessitate the order.  All the closets needed to get done first so I have places to actually PUT stuff that is up off the floor since that is getting done last. That includes painting the laundry room since that room will also be a big closet temporarily. Unfortunately, the floors will be put in about 2 weeks later than I had hoped messing up my schedule somewhat but so goes the best laid plans.

Master bedroom and bathroom came next and are done since I'll be "living" in those rooms for a couple of weeks.  Austin painted his room but I still need to go back and do the trim.  Madison's room will be after that is done unless she does it herself.  From there it's on to the living/dining room.  Those rooms will go relatively fast and I should have them done before the floors are put in - especially if I'm living there and can work at night.  LAST is the kitchen since there's very little that needs to be moved but it's all smaller spaces and can be done in sections without much worry of keeping a wet edge.  So for a while, the green and red kitchen will stay...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


After painting SIX closets which also meant removing all the shelving and then reinstalling it all, I moved on to painting walls.

Master bedroom closet.

Linen closet

I started with the master bedroom.  One wall was chocolate brown.

The other 3 walls were "white" but the people were smokers.  You can sort of see how the top half of the walls were much more yellow than lower down.  The white blob is where I started painting.

I think I have a problem.  Getting this room painted all white made me so freakin' happy!  I mean, like seriously deliriously happy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Putting the kids to work

The kids have been showing up to help with the new place now and then.  Austin came to install a new door knob/lock.  Total fail.

He did a little better taking down curtain rods.

Madison and Mitchell took down a light fixture to install a ceiling fan.

But apparently we didn't have screws and washers so it's still on the floor.

Monday, June 20, 2016


In the "learn something new every day" category, apparently when they build manufactured homes, they put the linoleum down first, then build the walls.  This is the linoleum coming out from under the walls around the bathroom.  And stopping 12" into the dining room.  WTH?

The entry way had carpet everywhere except that little rectangle.  How it stayed flat under the carpet is a mystery. As soon as we pulled up the carpet, those edges started curling up.

And you put linoleum in only half the bathroom?? Why??

The lino from the bathroom even crept into the one bathroom.

And plastic came out into another bedroom. Where the heck is that coming from?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Ride

We'd been looking for a car for Austin for a while.  The Excursion was dying a slow death and at 12 MPH, the gas was killing us.  Since Austin was going to be starting a new job this summer for the DNR in Pinckney, it was time for some new wheels.

Madison happened to see that her friend Paige was getting a new car so we quickly called her dad about her old one.  Mike is a engineer for Ford and keeps a SPOTLESS garage.  His cars are the same.

We have a happy boy.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The fun begins

When you buy a house that pretty much needs paint everywhere and all the flooring replaced, you have to be strategic if you also want to start moving stuff in at the same time.  I have 30 days.  To paint, replace the flooring and move.  Get ready, start, GO!

First step was buying a screw gun that is "Michelle sized".  Love this little guy!

Next step, remove all the wire shelving in all the closets to paint.  These closets will become "off the floor" storage places until the flooring gets done.

Painted white.  Of course!

And then to put all the shelves back in.  Took me a few tries but finally found an "easy" way to do it.