Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Fun Horse Show

For the first time ever, three out of four of our family showed at ONE horse show!  Yes, Motocross Boy took off his helmet for a cowboy hat!!

I did all three of my classes first with buddy Mark on Connor to keep me honest.

 I have so much fun - I smile and laugh through every class.  Equestrian Girl tells me I need to get serious.  HA!

Equestrian Girl did a good job looking pretty while coaching me through my classes and keeping her horse happy with hugs.

Her friend took this one - a rare picture for both of us to be in front of the camera together!

My class - the woman on the palomino won the equitation class but I won pleasure and trail!

Equestrian girl only did the Western Pleasure Sweepstakes class and trail.  She wore her new "plain black shirt" and looked great as always.

Earlier she helped her big brother practice for his class.  Stanley loves to take advantage of beginner riders and Motocross Boy hadn't quite figured out how to slow him down at the jog.

And off he went in his first class since he was about 7 and did a lead line class with our old trainer.  I was so proud of him - he wore the pink shirt in honor of his friend Ashley who died in a motocross accident last year.

Don't they look totally awesome?  He didn't place that well because Stanley did indeed start trotting way too fast and he lost his composure a bit but they still did great for their first class together - wearing borrowed boots, shirt, belt and hat!

This was my high point prize!

It was such a fun family day.  Dad was able to show up just in time to see both kids ride and help me load up Stanley to go back to the barn.  The day before the three of us went to an APHA show in Allegan where Equestrian Girl had a great day even if we were hot and tired!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working in the Big D...Detroit

A few weeks ago my company moved my office to downtown Detroit.  I have to admit, I'm not thrilled with adding another 17 miles each way to my commute but we do have an amazing view.

Looking southeast at 7:00 a.m.  That's the Detroit River and Canada.

Looking south across to Windsor, Ontario Canada

Northwest - some of the oldest, most famous buildings in the city.

Looking North across the city.  It's just after 7 in the morning so the streets and parking lots are pretty empty.

Jefferson Avenue in the foreground and some very old buildings just behind.