Thursday, August 6, 2009


Homeschooling: I've ignored this topic more than planned the past month as we sort of "slacked" on the school work. But this week we are back to a scaled down schedule of lessons (about 3 days worth). Next week will be the same since it's Motocross Boy's birthday on Friday but then we'll be back up to 4-5 days per week.

When we first started homeschooling I was overwhelmed with all the curriculum choices and almost felt like I needed to use something different for each subject and was very intent on using "hard copy" stuff like I used as a student. As time went on I started using more and more online resources, both free and subscription. I have a zillion bookmarks of various websites but have a hard time actually USING them by incorporating them into our weekly plans. I keep contemplating some of the homeschooling "planners" for sale and can't just make myself take the plunge. I'm a good planner and don't know why I can't plan this better myself. Perhaps it has something to do with not making long range plans FIRST. I'm more of a week by week type of planner. Philosophically I know this is wrong - you should make long range plans first then break them down to more manageable plans and goals. Realistically, this doesn't work for me.

Thus far some of the online curriculums we have used have all been sort of "cartoonish" if that's a word. I've been browsing around this website: . I really like that is uses "real" stuff and I personally love the Discovery Channel's educational shows. Their "curriculum", if you can call it that, isn't cheap. $265 for the year...though I think I have found a way to get it for $199. (More on that later!) If I use public school's 180 days per year it's $0.73 per kid per day. Not that bad I guess.

Horses: Equestrian Girl stopped at the barn on her way home from a friend's house yesterday afternoon and Stanley's cut on his side looked much better. We will go back over today and see how he's doing and possibly ride if it doesn't look like it will split open.

Motocross: The boys are heading to a friend's tonight who has offered to help rebuild the transmission!! Yipee!!

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