Monday, August 31, 2009

The Show Update

Horses: When we made the decision to compete in breed shows this year, specifically APHA or American Paint Horse Association shows, we knew the competition would be tough, especially this being Equestrian Girl's first year cantering. We had no expectations of even placing - just showing up and they'd do their best. We were pleasantly surprised at the first show we went to on Memorial Day weekend - a very big regional show - when Equestrian Girl and Stanley actually did pretty darn well even getting a couple of blue ribbons.

Saturday was their 3rd APHA show and this one was fairly small - usually 7 riders in her 13 and under classes and about 11 in the Novice Youth classes. But the competition was still tough. And the weather was even tougher. The morning was brisk, really brisk. Almost all the horses were feeling pretty frisky including Stanley. The wind picked up and brought short but frequent rain showers making for just a lovely cold, wet afternoon. But my girl stuck it out and had placings in almost every class and quite often middle of the pack placings with both judges. We had a lot of fun, met some new people and are really looking forward to the fall shows!

I should probably mention that Equestrian Girl and I took Stanley on a little trail ride tonight. Well, she took the horse and I hoofed it on foot. It was good exercise! And ol' Stanley loved it!

Motocross: Well....if Motocross Boy doesn't get his buns in gear this week, he might not be going to the Baja Brawl. He's been walking a pretty thin line and it got even thinner today. Scott is ready to throw in the towel and not take him for a very strong lesson. My bet is that they'll still go. But we'll see.

Homeschooling: That K12 curriculum I've been eyeballing is on sale for 3 days - up to 40% off though I can't figure out if what I want will be the full 40% off or not... I'm still not desperate to buy it and I'm pretty happy with what we have going right now so we'll see. I don't exactly have money burning a hole in my pocket!


OnTheBit said...

Oh how I dream of having your daughters quiet position! With quiet steady hands and seat like that she can do any discipline and do well. And your trail ride made me nostalgic. When I would come home for the summers in college my Mom hardly got to see me because I was so busy, but she worked right down the road from the barn. So if she got off early and I rode late we would do trail rides together so she could get her daily walk in. It was adorable because my Mom would be in the lead and the horse I was leasing Tessa (my True heart) would go right up to my Moms back, but her face down and follow my Mom like she was the heard leader. It was adorable. And a memory I will always cherish.

PaintCrazy said...

What an awesome memory! I bet your mom really valued that time with you too. I'm lucky that I get to spend so much time with my daughter but I know it won't last forever so I try to cherish every moment.

and thanks for the nice compliments on her riding. She works hard at it and is thinking about trying dressage or jumping next. Dressage is my choice!!