Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Blogging: I was really ho-hum about the background I picked for my blog and had briefly hunted around for another one but couldn't find anything I liked. Recently stumbled across Blogger Buster and her cool website and e-book. After really only scanning the e-book I was able to download a new, free background format. Very easy and very cool. Then a friend told me today that my dates are shows the time I post but not the date. I have no idea how to fix I'll use the date as the title for now.

Homeschooling: Well, really more "Home Business". This is a logo I created for our trainer. I created several and I'm not sure this is the one she will actually like best but I think it looks pretty cool!

More on topic - I got the Standard Deviants Math Mania DVD today for Motocross Boy. The 4 disk pre- Algebra and Algebra DVD's came the other day too. I'm hoping to find some time this weekend during the horse show (or more likely AFTER the show) to watch some to see how I want to use these. I'm so excited!

Horses: We went to the barn early today - almost got Stanley out of bed. No, really he was still just munching hay in his stall but all his buddies had gone out to the paddock. Equestrian Girl didn't work him too hard but he looked good. Tomorrow he will get a BIG work out and then just a light one on Friday night at the show grounds. I love when we can see the arena the night before a show for some practice time. This was a lot more important when we had a young horse than it is now but I still think its good for them to see all the sites and get a feel for the footing. I had planned on bathing at the show grounds but I found out today we can't check in until after 6:00 p.m. Since I REALLY hate banding in the dark which is inevitably what would happen if we didn't start with the bathing and riding and banding and all until after 6:30 or later, I guess we will at least bath at the barn before we leave and possibly even band depending on how hot it is. I don't want to put the head/neck sleazy on the old guy if it's really hot out...besides, he might be embarrassed trailering in his pink and white jammies! I HAVE to get a picture of it...

Motocross: Motocross Boy got to spend some time alone with this grandparents today. They took him shopping for golf shoes. HA! Bet you thought it was going to be something for motocross!! But no, for Christmas in July they got him golf lessons and golf shoes. He's really excited about it and so are we. Especially me. Very much so. Honestly, who gets hurt bad playing golf? Sure, Tiger Woods had to have knee surgery but that could have been an old soccer injury from when he was six or seven years old! And he can still play just as good as before. Golfers never fall from 30 feet in the air and you seldom see golf carts crash into each other with all that much force...

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I think he would definitely be embarrassed if his firends saw him in his pink jammies. Good luck at the show.