Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inside Motocross

Motocross: Before we got into motocross I'd see the "toy hauler" trailers on the road and wondered what they were all about and what was IN them. Some haul 4-wheelers or even race cars but ours of course hauls dirt bikes. It's kind of hard to see but there are three of them in the "garage" there. Two on the left and one on the right. There's also a power washer in the middle. The generator is usually in there near the back and sometimes we manage to fit the golf cart in there too. The door in the middle of the garage goes into the living quarters (I'm not sure that's what it's called in this type of trailer but that's what we call it for horse trailers so I'm stealing the terminology!!). We have a tiny refrigerator, a tiny 2 spot stove, a tiny sink, and a tiny bathroom where you sort of have to either straddle or sit on the toilet to shower! The booth-table folds down into a bed as does the adjacent sofa. When all folded out it's one big bed. We sleep 4 in a row like hot dogs!

Most motocross tracks are not "real" campgrounds. No water or electric hook ups and no rhyme or reason how anyone is supposed to park though at busier times they might direct rigs to line up a certain way or closer than usual. For this reason we have to haul in our own water and run the generator to make coffee. Since the tracks are notoriously noisy, the generator just adds to the atmosphere!

Horses: We are off to an APHA (Paint) show this Saturday. We think. Keep watching the weather forecast and it's getting worse and worse by the hour. I really don't want to drive over 2 hours on Friday afternoon just to get rained out. Not fun and a rather expensive trip. With such a poor forecast there's bound to be a low turnout too which means little competition and no points...and Equestrian Girl is all about the points. We just found out she got her ROM (Register of Merit) in English Equitation for APHA and is one point away for English Pleasure. If she doesn't have any competition she could win the class Saturday and still not get the needed point...

Homeschooling: Next week is our 4-H County Fair. 4-H is loaded with learning activities and what we've spent a lot of the past couple weeks on. And it's not just about animals for those not familiar with 4-H - as a matter of fact, my kids won't exhibit a single animal. All of what they will be showing is stuff they have created or made themselves. I hope to have lots of pictures.

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