Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm sure most of us have some sort of "bag" that we tote around in the car or truck. Some may call it a purse or hand bag, for some it's just a bag. I have what was meant to be a scrapbooking tote that goes in every vehicle with me and back and forth to the house most of the time too. I like it because it's flat on the bottom so it doesn't tip over and it has lots of pockets and compartments but it wide open to the world. I was reorganizing my bag tonight and that always makes me smile...there's such an odd collection of stuff in there. If I were to disappear tomorrow and my family found my bag, they'd probably stand there shaking their heads wondering why I was toting around such odd stuff. So what's in YOUR bag?

Here are the top 10 oddest things in my bag:

1. A leather punch (why do I need this in the truck?)
2. Flat head screw driver (do they even make that kind of screw any more?)
3. Advil PM (like I'm going to need those driving!)
4. A bucket hanging strap (maybe there's another use?)
5. Six black Sharpies (don't all homeschoolers love Sharpies?)
6. An Argentine Snaffle Bit (that was Junior's)
7. Raspberry Body Spray (sorta covers up horse poop smell if you are desperate)
8. Two packs of fruit snacks (in case I'm stranded for a long time and think I'm going to starve to death)
9. Two cameras and a video recorder
10. Two spray bottles of hair spray (I just don't know)

Anyone else wonder why they carry around such odd-ball stuff with them?

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