Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Horses: It's been a very horsey week with 2 friends having horse crisis and getting in riding time too. I'm always glad to help and glad I have enough horse sense to do so. It did give me a chance to ride myself too - Equestrian Girl went to stay at a friend's last night and ride her horses so Stanley and I got to commune a bit last night while the boys went to play golf.

The pic is Equestrian Girl and Daddy hanging out between classes at the show last weekend.

Homeschooling: Our Spanish curriculum came yesterday! I'm hoping both the kids remember enough of it from public school that they can jump in fairly quick. I haven't decided yet if we are going to start this summer or wait until fall... I'm afraid we might be too hit or miss right now to make it worth while.

Motocross: This weekend is a make-up race at MPX from spring and rain is in the forecast again. We will be a bit crunched on time too - we celebrate Christmas in July with my family on Saturday and then will go straight from there up to MPX to camp to be there early for Sunday. Sprinkles are okay but any significant amount of rain and they won't race there so if it's going to do it, I hope it's before we leave town on Saturday so we don't waste a bunch of driving!

Off topic: I bought an IPod Touch. Teehee!! I'm having so much fun with the little gizmo! My main goal was to be able to listen to my audio books again and unfortunately, my little Rio didn't like my iMac much. It was also having trouble staying charged so I bought an IPod Nano a couple weeks ago. Got it all loaded up and even started to use it some and...then I read about the Touch. Wow. It's more like a handheld computer than an MP3 Player since you can get internet and some of the gadgets you can load are incredible - it can be used as a carpenters level! I mentioned in my 10 things that I'm a Mac convert and I guess this brings me one step closer. I might even put a little apple sticker on my truck....


PaintCrazy said...

I shouldn't blog at 7 in the morning. My grammar and use of the language in that first section was atrocious!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I wouldn't know how to use an IPod anything. I have enough trouble with the computer. Have fun with it.
Nice photo of dad and equestrian girl. Looks like a nice show.