Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Proud Momma

Horses: Hmmmm. I have no idea why this posted sideways nor do I know how to fix it. Ah well. This is from that first big Paint show we did Memorial Day weekend. The one where I cried when Equestrian Girl got her first 1st place in a of course we had to do the professional photo thing.

We went over to ride Stanley today after letting him have 2 days off. He was full of himself with the cooler weather today but Equestrian Girl was intent on working his lope so he was still pretty warm and tired by the time he got done. He was very happy to join his pals in the big pasture!

Homeschooling: Now I'm annoyed - this picture is sideways too... Well this is a couple of examples from the new family business. These horse names will end up on T-shirts or sweats or something. This is a horse that our trainer is working with right now - he's a very handsome boy. The kids have been learning Photoshop and I am re-installing Quickbooks on the computers so they can help with the bookkeeping..

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TCavanaugh said...

Congratulations on Equestrian Girls 1st Place! I love to hear stories from other proud mothers...keep them coming.