Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Momma Bear

Homeschooling: I love this picture. While my kids aren't twins, 4.5 months apart is close enough.

Homeschooling Motocross Boy has been a joy and a struggle. It's a struggle when I think he needs to be learning something he has no interest in learning so we end up in a power struggle. Anyone with an 11 year old ADHD boy knows that power struggles are basically fruitless. Nobody wins. Everybody is miserable. Luckily, learning comes in many different forms to meet all those many styles of it. A website that we like a lot is http://www.edheads.org/ Motocross Boy especially likes this site and can spend hours on it! When grandpa had knee surgery last year, we spent some time on the sight doing a Virtual Knee Surgery! Last month we printed out the work sheets for the Crash Scene Investigation and Motocross Boy spent hours analyzing that crash then recreating it on his bedroom floor with Matchbox cars. The whole family learned about Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (eek!) and today MC Boy was excited to log on to find out they have a new activity on designing a cell phone!

What a fun way to learn! He does tons of reading without even realizing it, learns math and science throughout almost all the activities, and it all happens effortlessly because he is INTERESTED. Amazing concept, isn't it?

Horses: This weekend we have a 2 day Spur of the Moment Horse Show. This is the local horse club we joined that normally just has one day shows but twice a summer they have 2 days shows at a different fair grounds. Smart me just remembered to call the fair grounds about a camping spot. We have lot #90...and she commented that was as close as she could get me. Hmmm. Since I can't find a site map on their website, I have no idea what that means. I have a feeling it might mean a LOT of walking. That's not so unusual at a horse show. I always mean to buy a pedometer to wear at these shows and always forget. I swear I walk about 20 miles at the bigger shows.

Motocross: Looks like it's going to be a non-motocross weekend. Dad says he wants to come to the horse show... Which means maybe I'll have some pictures for next week.


OnTheBit said...

4.5 moths apart? How can that be? And have fun at the show! If you are thinking of really going big time with the show stuff someday you might want to start poking around for a used golf cart. You can find some for a few hundred if you ask around at any local courses. They are a LIFE SAVER at the big shows! I am always grooming so the riders have a horse and I get the cart!

PaintCrazy said...

Heh, heh! I love throwing that out there - gets people thinking all sorts of crazy stuff!!

We actually DO own a golf cart but it doesn't fit in the horse trailer which means bringing two trucks and two trailers. Which we very well might end up doing this weekend since it's not very far and hubby can run back home! Golf carts are pretty much standard fare at motocross events where it's all about MOTORS!!