Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Since I think there are only about 6 people that actually read my blog, I was pretty surprised to find that ONTHEBIT gave me this blog award. Honest Scrap. Not sure what that means but the thing is that I'm supposed to reveal 10 things about myself that most people don't know and pass it on to 10 more blogs.

So here it goes:

1. I have this odd fear of having a horse step on my foot. I almost never go around horses not wearing boots. Even wearing tennies makes me nervous. I freak out when Equestrian Girl loads Stanley wearing sandals.
2. I have a lot more grey in my hair than just about anyone would imagine.
3. The first horse I cantered on had this HUGE take off that was almost like a rear (to me anyways). I had to sing the alphabet song out loud to remember to breath.
4. When my at the time 10 year old son was being expelled from public school I had to go to the doctor for stress. The deep breathing was becoming obsessive and not quite working enough.
5. Our first full week of homeschooling both kids I had a 5 hour day scheduled in 30-45 minute blocks for each subject. It was a total disaster. I even had them scheduled to "exercise" for 30 minutes.
6. Our second full week of homeschooling both kids I got rid of the time blocks but still had every single conceivable subject on the to-do list for each day. That was a disaster too.
7. I'm a Mac convert. Will never allow another PC be purchased by my immediate family even though my work laptop is a PC and sits right next to my Mac. I shun it.
8. I shop for all my bras at www.titlenine.com - all sports bras. Haven't bought a normal bra at a department store in years. You get addicted to that sport bra support. But they are ugly.
9. I can't breath when I can't see Motocross Boy on the track racing. At one track he "disappears" for up to 45 seconds. I count those seconds while holding my breath. If he doesn't appear in the usual amount of time a thousand more hairs turn grey and my face turns blue from holding my breath.
10. I wrote an e-book about horse showing. I've sold 4 copies to parents on Equestrian Girl's Junior Equestrian Team.

I'll be sending this to 10 of the blogs listed as my favorites to the right here. Still thinking about which ones....


Tracey said...

I couldn't figure out the honest scrap thing, either, so you're not alone!

And I know one more fact about you...you had a mustang! That means you're cool. Guess those are two facts, eh?

OnTheBit said...

I love it! and that horse that went up into the canter is a good thing! We call that jump in dressage and it is great when a horse has jump into the canter because it means they are rocking back on the hind end first instead of running into the gait. I am not teaching Texas to almost stop and jump into the canter instead of running into it. Thanks for playing along!