Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Horses: Stanley is so embarrassed when he has to wear his sleazy at shows...he just knows that all the other horses laugh at him. It's bad enough that his friends call his color "pink" but now this...he was sure Equestrian Girl loved him and then she trades in his very manly navy blue sleazy for pink flowers.

We spent the weekend at a 2 day open show - same club we've shown with a couple other times this summer and this one was the best so far. Well except for the monsoon that blew through Saturday morning. The whole family went to this show and though it was only 30 minutes from home, we hauled in on Friday evening and the kids and I camped there for the weekend. Scott went home to sleep in our big, soft, really, really comfy king size bed. And take care of the dog and guinea pig of course!

The show was a great success for Equestrian Girl and Stanley - they got reserve high point both days for 14 and under age group and the classes were pretty big - at least 12 riders. But the best part of it was that Equestrian Girl got to know some of the other girls in her age group much better and they all hung out Saturday night and then throughout the show on Sunday! It will be nice to see these kids again at 4-H fair and the last 2 shows too. Everyone had fun and the weather, as shown in the line up photo, was gorgeous on Sunday.

Here's a rare picture of me with Equestrian Girl and Stanley. We put Dad in charge of the camera on Sunday!


TCavanaugh said...

Stanley is beautiful and congratulaions to Equestrian Girl for her high points! Getting to know others with the same interests makes things more fun! Sorry to hear you ended up the one on the ground while hubby was in the comfy bed.

PaintCrazy said...

Oh, I didn't have it that bad as sleeping on the ground. Our trailer has living quarters with a mattress in the goose neck. It's far from a "good" mattress but it's better than the ground!