Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day - a day late

Motocross: If you squint really hard at the picture you should be able to see Motocross Boy. Or maybe not. Sometimes I take pictures of the track thinking he's in it but he's not. Sometimes the picture is of a kid I don't even know! But this is all part of being a moto-mom...scanning the track looking for your kid and hoping you are watching the right one.

Motocross is a really colorful sport. The bikes are bright yellow, bright orange, apple green, red, etc. Then they use colorful graphics on those colors and wear pants and jerseys that may or may not match the colors of their bikes. And they also wear helmets...more colors and may or may not match the bike OR the clothes. It's a virtual rainbow when all those bikes fly out of the starting gates! It also makes it really hard to identify your kid from all the other rainbows.

First you narrow it down to his color bike (is he riding the orange bike in this class???). Then I look for the pants color since they are closest to the I think. Or did he wear the blue ones? Motocross Boy used to have this flat black helmet that really stood out since he didn't have many graphics on it and nobody else had one like it. I loved that helmet - it stood out. Now he has one that looks white if he's coming towards me and looks black from the back. Ya - that's helpful.

Right now he's racing two bikes. The 65cc bike has gold rims on the tires. Not many have rims like that so once he's close enough for me to see the rims - I have him on my radar. His 85cc bike does not have gold rim and looks like pretty much every other kid's yellow Suzuki...I have to sneak some reflectors on his spokes or something!

This picture is a little closer up - sure, there's the number that's almost legible that clearly identifies this as being my kid but they are usually going FAST!! It blurs. It's only because my camera has a fast shutter that I can even freeze frame scenes like this - my eyes can't do it on their own. And this is how I spent my day after Independence Day - watching little rainbows fly around in a sea of brown dirt!


TCavanaugh said...

I love following my children's events...sounds like you do too! You didn't mention, how did your son do for the day?

PaintCrazy said...

Mmmm, no mention of how he did because it wasn't all that great. He tried harder than he has been trying and never got lapped so that was good but he was in the back of the pack more often than not.