Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall in Michigan

Fall is MY season.  Oh yes.

This is the tree line across the street from my house.  Photos just don't do justice to fall colors.  It's so pretty!

And this cute couple just makes my heart sing.  Both such good kids.  I had an older guy come to fix my furnace the other day and Madison and Mitch were sitting on the couch watching TV.  Madison brought him a brownie and they all chatted for a few minutes.  The next day, this gentleman called me for a follow up but took the time to comment that I had done a good job raising my daughter because not only was she polite and friendly, both her and Mitch turned around to look at him when they were speaking.  Makes a momma proud!

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OnTheBit said...

You know your kids are good when a strangers makes a point to say so! I love it!