Sunday, October 16, 2016

A New Path

A new path.  Literally.  LOL!

I had noticed the signs near the corner of Milford Road and General Motors Road for the Milford Kensington Trail.  I'd often see people parking there and taking off on foot or bikes.  I could tell it went both north  and south into Kensington Park.  Where did the north direction go?  I looked it up on Google maps and it went all the way around a lake and out to Commerce Road near the library and YMCA.  So one pretty evening, I decide to try it out.

It was pretty!  Rolling hills and peaceful.  I passed a few people here and there and could sometimes see mountain bikers running dirt trails through the woods near the paved path.

There were some beautiful views of the lake.

I almost stepped on this little guy sunning himself on the pathway.  I didn't scream.  I was proud of myself.  I encourage him to move along into the grass before he got squished.

The sun was starting to go down and the view made me feel like I was up north.  A perfect 70 degree evening in October.

And then this.  Lovely evening and a good walk of almost 3 miles up and down some easy hills.

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OnTheBit said...

That last picture looks like a post card!! So beautiful!