Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Easy peasy!

I had a few minutes of "spare" time yesterday and finally got to this little project.  I had bought the springs from a baby crib quite some time ago - like at least six months ago - and wasn't really quite sure what I was going to do with it or where it would go.  I finally decided.

And then it leaned against the wall for another couple weeks.  While I knew where I wanted it to go, I had to think about how to hang it because it was a bit "twisted".  I couldn't just pop a couple of nails in the wall to hook it on because it wouldn't hang flat.  I finally settled on cup hooks.  The two at the top hold the top edge flat to the all and then the two at the bottom hold that edge flat!  Voila!

Forgot to take a pic before I hung up all the jewelry.

It keeps me in my family of decorating with white!

I'm not much of a jewelry kind of person and most of it is cheap costume stuff.  Mostly necklaces to add a statement to my boring suites and sweaters.  A few bracelets that seldom get worn...but they all look fun displaced on a baby crib spring!

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OnTheBit said...

That looks adorable! What a great idea!