Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mom Jeans

One day last weekend I had jumped out of my jeans and boots in a hurry and tossed my jeans into an open cupboard (doors are off while I repaint them).  I didn't realize until a day later that when I'm sitting on the toilet, it looks like someone is sitting in my cupboard with their feet and legs hanging out!!

This is how they looked from the front angle.  Not at all creepy, right?  LOL!

A week or so later, I stopped by a horse show to help a friend unload at MSU and had her bring me a pair of jeans to wear since I was in work dress up clothes.  We noted that there was no worry of me mixing up my jeans with hers since mine have this lovely MOM tag on them!  At one point, Madison and I were wearing the same size jeans only hers were  long and mine were short.  Rather than matching them up by length when washed together, I opted to label mine....

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