Monday, October 24, 2016

The Blessed Mare

 I think Mata Hari has reached sainthood in my book.  Last weekend it was time to start trotting her for up to 5 minutes as part of her rehab. While I was excited to do more than WALK for 45 minutes, I hadn't trotted on her in over a year and it wasn't much.  While I've been slowly recovering my riding seat, I had more or less forgotten how to post the trot. And my super long stirrups didn't help matters.

 But the blessed mare framed up and tolerated my legs being too far forward and posting on the wrong diagonal more often than not and even losing my stirrups a few times.

She really has become an awesome "almost anyone can ride" kind of horse.

But when the riding is done, nothing makes her happier than heading back to her paddock to much hay in the sunset.

A few days later, Madison took her on a ride down the road and snapped this pretty picture with the changing leaves. Beautiful!

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OnTheBit said...

I think all of those pictures look great! It sounds like she is turning into the kind of horse Madison could use to give lessons on once she is all healed up!