Sunday, October 23, 2016

More Projects

This doesn't look like much.  And this isn't even the greatest pic since I've since caulked the edges of the board's going to be a barn door for my laundry room!

My fantabulous "bro" Jeff has built the door for me!  Here it is in his shop when he was just starting to put it all together.  We used tongue in groove 1'x8" boards.  Who knew they weren't actually 8" wide?  We had to go back for more than we had planned.

And here it is almost detail missing...

The horse shoe door handle!!!  I'm so super excited to get this home and painted.  Or stained.  Or just hang it as is.  I can't decide.  The little opening near the bottom is a "kitty door".  This will be for our eventual kitty.  

And Voila!  Installed!  I so love the way this turned out!

I invited Gus over to test out the kitty door - worked quite well for him!

Much less fabulous is a little piece I've been putting together with "scraps".  I got the cute little shelf with the pegs at the Salvation Army for $1.00  The boards are left over from doing the laminate floor and just painted white.  The trim pieces were left over from another project.  This will hang on the wall over the bench by the front door.

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