Thursday, October 27, 2016

USS Detroit

I have no idea what kind of navy ship this is but it's new and it's call the USS Detroit.  It pulled up in the front of the RenCen on October 17th and spent the week there.  They gave tours.  I didn't have time to take one but the lines were really long!

This was early one morning as the sun was just coming up.  Not the greatest view since the other building kind of blocked half of it.

And then on Friday of that week they were doing the practice dedication ceremony and warned us at work that they would be firing the cannons and it might be really loud and make the building "shake".  Now that I wanted to experience!  So I headed out to the roof of a parking garage nearby with a good view.  And I watched and waited and watched and waited.  They blew the horn and move the radar thing but that was about it and I was cold.  It was windy up there.  So I went back to my desk.  About 5 minutes later someone said, "Did you hear it?".  And then I heard the second one.  Totally uneventful!

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