Monday, October 10, 2016

Growing Up

When I moved out of my 2300 square foot house into this 1500 square foot house, I didn't bring much in the way of furniture.  Part of the reason had to do with the fact I was ripping out ALL the flooring to put in laminate floors and didn't want to have to move much around.  I brought this lightweight set of outdoor plastic wicker furniture.  Useful but not especially comfortable.  It's now back out on the deck where it belongs.

After much thinking and looking, I found this sofa at a small furniture store in Milford.  They didn't have exactly what I wanted so I had to order one.  Four weeks later it was delivered!

 I love it!  It's firm yet very comfortable.  Hard to tell in the pics but it's a very light gray with a hint of a beige color to it.  About as a neutral color as you could get.

I stole the paisley pillows off my bed and am in the process of making slipcovers for them pillows to change up the colors.

Next was finding a comfy chair.  This slipcovered Ikea chair did the trick.  Now to replace the cheapo blinds with some curtains and shutter blinds!  Still debating on what to do with Dad's old Eames rocking chair in the bottom left corner of the picture.  The footstool/coffee table is in the works!

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