Saturday, September 3, 2016

Table and Chairs

After I moved in and got a TV, I needed a break from all the DIY stuff I was doing and sat down on my lovely wicker outdoor sofa to watch Netflix.  I stumbled across this show called Grace & Frankie.   While the show itself was fairly entertaining, I fell in love with the furniture and especially this table and chairs.

I've always been a fan of round tables (you can always squeeze one more person around a round table) and these chairs.  I don't know. They spoke to me.

I spent a couple weeks trying to find them locally and then found some that looked VERY similar at  - and they were cheap!  Unfortunately, after waiting almost 3 weeks, they cancelled my order saying they were out of stock.  Back to shopping.  Amazon.  Yes, Amazon has everything.  Not quite as cheap but no doubt, WAY cheaper than the ones on the TV show!

When I came home one rainy evening after work, my front yard was filled with boxes!

I was surprised they were wrapped up really good and the cushions even have zippers to remove the covers for washing.  Very decent quality and quite comfortable!

It's hard to see my old wooden table since I covered it up with a tablecloth but it has a big heavy base and I have two leaves for this old beauty.  My friend Jane has had it in her family for more than 40 years and they had bought it used then!

No more card table and chairs for this gal!

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