Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A little DIY

Sometimes I get ideas into my head...and then just have to do them.

I started out with a piece of 1/4 inch plywood and some measurements.  I used my handy tape measure, a red pen, and a piece of quarter round as a "straight edge" to mark off planks.  I did this sitting on the deck.

Next I brought it back inside and painted it white. Same white as I have painted all the walls.  This was step 2 so I didn't have to worry about putting the painted side down on the deck to mark the lines.  I was actually thinking ahead!

I didn't get pictures of myself cutting the board with my little jig saw.  I didn't use clamps, didn't have anything to brace the wood, and my lines are wobbly as hell because of it.  I also didn't use the right saw blade - it wasn't meant for this type of wood but it was all I had and I was too impatient to go buy more blades before starting.

Some trim pieces on the outside edges cover up the fact that I cut the boards a tad too short.  Oops.  Measure twice, cut once and all that.    Just the same, I love the way it turned out.  Now to get one more stool, paint them lime green, and it will be all done!

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