Tuesday, September 13, 2016


For people who aren't familiar with "barn life", there's a certain serenity about being around one that just relaxes you and makes you smile.  The little noises, the warmth, the smells - they all make for a feeling I've never felt anywhere else.

While chickens are way noisier than most would imagine, their constant babbling is oddly comforting.

Maggie has three little ones.  Her farm is a crazy mess of kids, toys, and animals.

The farm next door, where Mata Hari will be living, has a totally different feeling but just as serene.  This farm is neat as a pin with just horses.  And beautiful views of the sunset from the arena.  This pic doesn't do it justice at all.  Better ones to come in the future, I'm sure!

This farm has beautiful flowers that glowed in the setting sunlight.


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OnTheBit said...

I agree with that! You forgot to mention that in addition to being serine, barns are usually also time warps...where you walk in and suddenly time disappears!