Friday, September 9, 2016


Sometimes I think we are just destined to be "barn hoppers".  We spent several great years at Superior with Stanley.  When we sold him and got Mata Hari, we moved to Foxcroft and were there quite happily until exactly this time last year.  Since the owners were selling their farm, we had no choice.  We moved to Steppin' Up which was okay, but just not "us". When they raised the board fees in March, we decided to move on.  We thought we had found the perfect place in Hartland but alas, giving both of my kids alcohol and trying to molest one of them just didn't fit into "perfect".

So we loaded up the truck and moved to Maggie's.

Mata Hari is happy - her chicken friends aren't in this picture but she loves their company.

Vince is content.  Now he can gain some weight back under Maggie's nutrition plan and watchful eye.

Maggie has a farm-full right now.  She also has Jill's horse and three ponies in residence for another week until they move to western Michigan.

Luckily the weather has been good and they have good tree cover in the back pasture because the little barn only has 4 stalls.

But everyone gets lots of hay and is happy.  They also get the attention of the chickens and goats along with Maggie's 3 kids.

That's Madison riding Mata Hari in the distance.  The red barn in the background is the next door neighbor's indoor arena.  We will have free use of her facilities and will probably be moving Mata Hari to her barn at some point.

Here is a little closer up view.  It's a beautiful farm.

Vince loves getting groomed, just like Mata Hari does.

He loves the chickens, too!

And while he's still skinny, he is doing really well figuring out how to not be a race horse.  Within a week or so, Madison will be starting to ride him!

Here's a view of the other side of the neighbor's place from the road - excuse the window reflections.

She has an awesome old farm house!

And this is her outdoor arena.  This was about 1 pm - and still lots of shade from all the evergreen/pine trees!

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OnTheBit said...

I feel like everyone goes through a period trying to find the right barn. Gen and I went to 5 barns in one year! Hopefully you will be able to slide over to the neighbors place and that will be it! I moved Gen to the barn he is at 8 years ago and he is still happy. Can I also just say YUCK to the creepy barn that you got out of...just YUCK!