Monday, September 12, 2016

Holiday Weekend

Madison and I spent the weekend mostly being lazy and hanging out with the horses at the new barn (she was also farm sitting so she had to be there twice a day to feed anyway).

We had beautiful weather.  The new OTTB, Vince, started his day long lining and did great!  Unlike the Princess Pony, he's not a grass diver so working out on the soft grass doesn't make him crazy.

I also made friends with the resident barn cat.  She took over my spot on the wagon when I got up.

Mata Hari, better known as the Princess Pony, is still in rehab from the suspensory injury and is  now up to 15 minutes of riding at a walk.  Madison rode her first for 5 minutes and then I took my turn for the other 10 minutes.  The next day we split it 7 and 8.

Madison also gave me "lessons" while I was riding since I have a tendency to just let Mata Hari walk however she wants and don't actually "work" on anything including my own riding position.  Oops.

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OnTheBit said...

I love it! I bet she gives a good lesson too!