Friday, October 8, 2010

Back in the saddle again

Well, not the actual horse saddle but the blogger saddle.  I'm not sure what happened but life sure got busy for a few weeks!  The massive effort of getting everyone back into school mode (including me), while still attending horse shows, and motocross races along with working...well it was overload for sure.

Six weeks deep we are fully back into the swing of things for school.  Both of the kids are doing really well and I've been pretty impressed with them.  We added a current events "curriculum" using a CNN program for students.  I'm pretty impressed.  They watch a short video clip every day then at the end of the week print out a quiz to take.  This week one question asked about which continent did the government issued a travel alert.  Another one asked for the number of justices on the supreme court.  All good stuff.  I'd prefer they read the newspaper but I guess this really is the digital age...

The boys head northwest for a race this weekend while Equestrian Girl and I stayed home for some much needed nesting.  The house needs serious cleaning.  It looks like I have a few extra black pupppies living in my corners that I'm close to naming they are getting so big.  Maybe I'll take pictures.  How is it the dog isn't bald??

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