Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun with Friends

Halter Girl belongs to one of the barn owners.  She has a gorgeous Arabian gelding that she shows in halter and has only recently started riding again after a couple of years on the ground.  This is her Mom's horse Tea.  She came out to ride Tea just as Equestrian Girl was finishing up her practice.

Equestrian girl mounted up bareback with just a halter to cool Stanley off.

Halter girl found Tea's power steering was a bit off.

Equestrian Girl thought Stanley's power brakes were out with no bridle and no spurs.

So they decided to do barrel racing with jump uprights.

Stanley was pretty good at it.  He'd had practice this summer with REAL barrels.

But it was fun and Halter Girl was laughing!

Equestrian Girl was all smiles too.

The horses were smiling too.  It's hard to tell.

Next they did an odd version of the Indiana Flag Race.  With jump uprights and no flag we improvised with a halter.

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