Monday, October 11, 2010

Racing at Freelin Part 3

The good thing about cloudy days is that you don't have to deal with sun in your background messing up your pictures.  The bad thing about cloudy days is they look so dismal as background.  Especially when you are doing "getting air" shots.

This one had me holding my breath.  I hate when there's someone so close behind him and they are both jumping big.  Gulp.

Taking pictures helps distract me from what's actually going on.

I didn't think he was going to get air coming across the finish line in this one.  

He didn't get much but it was enough to do a TRICK. Doing tricks in the air is a really big thing.  I miss most of them.  Motocross Boy always asks, "Did you see me do that Superman on the back double?"  Huh?  I must have blinked.  Note the twist of the bike and the leg tucked up!

Landing after a trick is tricky.  Bwaa!

There's a crazy amount of time and distance covered from such a little jump, isn't there?

 Safe on the ground again.

The ground actually isn't all that safe.  Most of these kids are pretty safe about their jumping and most come down just fine.  Running into each other probably causes more accidents and the majority aren't all that bad when they just loose control around a corner and fall over.  Being a parent, and especially a mom, isn't easy in this sport.  You hold your breath a lot.

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