Saturday, October 9, 2010

Racing at Freelin Part 1

The race at Freelin in late September was COLD.  When we left the house on Friday afternoon about 6 pm it was 83 degrees and everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts (except for me - I was wearing jeans and had brought a sweater but that's more because the A/C in the truck freezes me out and of course I have issues with bare fish-white legs).  When we arrived at Freelin it was a nippy 63 degrees and this place isn't THAT far away!

The next morning was even worse.  At 50 degrees we would have been okay but add in a fierce wind and heavy clouds and it was freezing.  After the races that day I drove in to town to buy warmer stuff.  Mostly I just wanted to sit in my truck with the heat blasting and the heated seats thawing my frozen butt.  I did come home with a cute pink coat from was the only place in town that sold clothes!!

Motocross Boy on the starting gate having a pre-race talk with Dad.

 And they are off!!

Motocross Boy is in the lead!

Still in the lead!

 Uh oh, is he going to make the hole shot?
Good thing the camera just keeps shooting as I hold my finger on the button because I'm about to wet my pants at this point.

Ah crud.

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