Friday, October 22, 2010

A beautiful October afternoon

Today was the Michigan vs Michigan State game (and yes, I realize this post is more than a week behind!)   We waiting until the game was just about to start before we drove into Ann Arbor to the barn.  Our goal was to be done riding and heading for home by just after half time so there wouldn't be any traffic.

It was a totally gorgeous day for October.  We took advantage by riding outside.

Stanley was jogging around so perfect...he was happy.

Cheryl was out with Beast too.  

We all shared the huge outdoor arena together just fine.

At one point I had to go rescue a little girl who was taking a horse back out to pasture but the horse was in a much bigger hurry than the little girl was.  By the time I ran all the way to where she was struggling, they were almost to the pasture gate.  I wasn't letting her (the horse) get away with that crap and made her stand and wait when I got ahold of her.  When I got back to the arena, totally out of breath and ready to croak, the crows started circling over head.  I think they were trying to tell me something.

I need to start working out more...

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