Monday, October 25, 2010

Domino's Farms Part 2

We've seen these guys from the expressway for months.  They are always in the same pasture on a hill.  From a distance I could tell they were big for donkeys but really had no idea.  We went looking for them.

As we drove up, this one turned right away and started walking towards us.

Then his buddy turned too.  Dang - they were bigger up close than I had imagined!

Here they come - one behind the other.

Oh goodness!  What faces!

A pit stop for a bit of grazing or maybe just to prove they weren't THAT interested in us.  Typical donkey behavior.

Look at the coat on this guy!

For perspective, Equestrian Girl is about 5'8" and she was standing level with them.

They were both very friendly!  Look at the hair on that one - he looks Rastafarian!

OMG aren't they just the cutest?

So we came home really having no idea what breed these donkeys were.  I had read once about Mammoth Donkey's so I was guessing that's what they were.  I sent this last picture to some friends and before I could blink, one suggested they might be the very rare Poitou donkey.  Sure enough!!  There are only about 500 in the whole worlds and we are lucky enough to have a pair less than 15 minutes from our house!  As it turns out, Domino's Farms has several rare breeds of animals:  Domino's Rare Breeds.

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