Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Midland Fall APHA Show - HIGH POINT WINNER!

We went to a horse show last weekend in Midland.  It was our first time showing there.  We loved the fairgrounds even though it rained...a lot...on Saturday.  I was a bit lazy with the camera though.  I did more video than photography.

As it turns out, it was a fantastic show.  Equestrian Girl got the weekend high point award for 13 and under!  This was the first time she's ever gotten a high point award for an APHA show so she was really geeked.

Here is Equestrian Girl with her friend "John's Girl" before a hunt seat class.  EG is wearing friend Shannon's dickey - it was purple with silver trim - isn't it pretty?

Shannon and Don hanging out between classes.  They are both so good at helping Madison figure out how to improve what she's doing.  We are sure they are the reason that she did so well on Sunday!

Motocross Boy and Dad came up on Saturday to watch before going to a race at MPX on Sunday.  Motocross Boy chose to wear shorts and a t-shirt in spite of it being cold, wet and miserable.  He doesn't look cold though...

Horsemanship class on the first day - placed 1st and 2nd under the 2 judges for 13 and under.

Horsemanship class the second day - placed 1st under both judges!

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TCavanaugh said...

Congratulations to Equestrian Girl! How did MotoCross Boys race go?