Sunday, October 24, 2010

Domino's Farms

I drive past Domino's Farms 4-6 times per week.  I don't pay all that much attention to the buildings and grounds.  They are just there.

Then the other night, in an effort to avoid a traffic jam, we took the long way home which took us through Domino's Farms.

This sunset picture totally does not do this justice.  It was breathtaking.

This cracked me up.  The sheet OBVIOUSLY can't read and are going the WRONG way!

I love the flag.

Domino's loves it too. There are actually two rows of flags like this.  They used to have lots of different international flags.  Now they are all AMERICAN.

The grounds are so well kept and the trees are really turning.  It was beautiful.

This little village of miniature houses looked so pretty clustered behind the pond.

Next stop at Domino's Farms...the freakish donkeys.

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