Friday, October 15, 2010

Racing at Freelin Part 6

This is turning into the never ending race!  But I don't go to all the races so when I go, I take hundreds of pictures and I swear I don't post all of them!  Motocross Boy actually was getting upset with me the other day because I was deleting so many from my saved files.  I had taken over 400 pics - I really didn't need 300 of them because they were either blurry or were almost exactly the same as 200 others.

This one is pretty much the same as a couple hundred other gate shots but...from a different ANGLE!!!

Motocross Boy takes the inside (left in the pic) and starts strong.

Running hard but #14 is right there!

Ahead by a length and this angle gets me up CLOSE to the action.

Whoa - had to move back a step!

 Leaning that bike hard, sitting up tight to the front and he's....

Got the hole shot and leading the pack!!!!!!

OMG - Huge lead!!  Go Motocross Boy, Go!!!

Where the heck did they all come from???  But he's still in the lead!

Hard to tell here but yes, still in the lead!!!

I don't think he was still in the lead any more for this pic but I just thought it looked cool like he was jumping the ambulance or something.

This was a huge race for Motocross Boy.  He held the lead for about 1/3 of a lap - longer than ever before on the 85.  Then he held onto 2nd place for a long time before eventually falling back to 4th.

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