Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Time Racing at MPX

Motocross Boy has been a racing fool this summer.  Unfortunately, I haven't been at all that many of the races to watch and take pictures.  Some of the races have been on the same days as horse shows and others the weather was forecasted to be wet and rainy and 4 of us soaked beings in the little motocross trailer to sleep and live for 2 days...well lets just say I prefer to be dry.

This was at MPX a few weeks ago on a bright sunny day.  My kind of day!

Coming around a big turn, Motocross Boy #55 is in the lead!

Finishing the first lap and still in the lead...of someone!

Motocross Boy takes to the air leaving #338 in the dust!

Change of tunes.  The start of the race is one of the most exciting parts.  They are all lined up, revving their engines and just waiting for the gates to drop.

And they are off!!!

Motocross Boy #55 is off to a fast start just getting nosed out by the guy next to him.

But he has the inside so he just might make the hole shot!  You can see how fast the group spreads out.  These pictures are less than seconds apart!!  I love that  my camera can do this!!

This weekend the boys are going to watch the famous guys race out at Red Bud.  I'm hoping they take the camera and get some good shots - those guys do some aerial stuff that is amazing - stuff I NEVER want my little guy doing!

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