Friday, July 16, 2010

Behind the scenes at a horse show...

I'm usually much too busy to take pictures "behind the scenes" at a horse show, and especially at one of our open shows where we show out of the trailer and I ride a few classes too.  Then it's all about rushing to put tack on, change clothes, pull tack off, change clothes, put more tack on, change clothes, and so on.  And all the while keeping an eye on Stanley to make sure he's safe, has water and plenty of hay, and isn't untying himself to wander off in search of grass.

But this past show my Mom and Dad and niece came to watch for a while and snapped some good pictures of us back at the trailer.

Equestrian Girl and Wolf Girl after the last hunt seat class.  And Stanley's butt.

Do I see a pattern here?  Me untacking the horse.  Equestrian Girl changing clothes.

These are the nicest boots we'll probably ever own.  They are also a bear to get off.  I literally have to use ALL my weight and strength to get them off.

The people parked next to us had some adorable yorkie puppies for sale.  The girls were in love.

Lunch time is over.  Get dressed in Western clothes and Stanley into Western tack.

This is my favorite place to park since there's a bit of shade from this tree.

Wolf Girl looked cute wearing my cowboy hat!  It badly needs cleaning and shaping!

and its back off to ride Western classes now!

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