Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christmas in July Part 3

This year we had a special surprise when my cousin Diane came down from Boyne City with her husband and boys and my Dad's sister came over too.

Motocross Boy was happy to have another boy to play with!

Grandpa loaded up his squirt gun and got in on the action.  We saw him fly through the backyard - I don't think he's ran that fast in years - but Equestrian Girl went for the big gun - the hose!

My cousin Diane and her baby.

Grandpa finally traded in his squirt gun for his camera but his targets didn't stand too still.

Next came the Silly String again!

The Equestrian Girl unloaded on Cousin-D when a duck turned into a goose.

But when the beast arose...he went after them with a vengeance!

But girls are sneaky.  The girl cousins planned their next move with cunning and skill.

Can you see them in this picture??

I think the military makes a big mistake in not allowing women in combat.  I remember playing "war" as a kid and the girls ALWAYS beat the boys!!

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