Monday, July 19, 2010

Merry Christmas! In July!

Our family has a fun tradition that started years ago after my parents moved to Florida and stopped flying home in December for Christmas.  Instead, we do it in the middle of July!

Every year my mom saves up all her change and we start Christmas with the kids dividing up all Grandma's change between the 3 grandkids.  This started out being to "pay" them for cleaning up all the wrapping paper and boxes but it's kind of loss that meaning and is just a bunch of money now!

Next Grandma and Grandpa get to open their gifts.  Sometimes they need help.

Sometimes they don't know what they got.

This year that happened a lot.

Luckily David, my sister's SO got them something they recognized - a BBQ spatula!  You can see him in the mirror looking pretty proud of his idea.

The spatula came in handy a few minutes later to open the Crate & Barrel box!

Next up - the kids get to open their presents!

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