Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Small Town America 4th of July Parade

I have this thing about small town parades.  I must not have seen enough of them when I was a kid.  As a matter of fact, I remember very few parades that weren't on TV...ACK - I was deprived!!!  But for the past 18 years I haven't missed celebrated a single Independence Day without attending a small town parade.  Most of been here at home, but a few have been up north at our cottage.  I like the one here best.

Everyone stand for the color guard and the American flag!!

Every small town parade has a bike parade!!

And the school marching band HAS to be there!

I'm not sure that Ronald always shows up but he did to OURS!

Oh yes - and the fire trucks from all the surrounding towns line Main Street blowing horns and sounding the sirens!

Very few big cities have high school equestrian teams - but our little town does!

Equestrian Girl was on this team last year and had so much fun!  It just didn't work out to join this year.

This guy won my award for have the best coordinated tattoo across his back to match the graphics on his golf cart!  He rocked!

Stay tuned.  More tomorrow on my FAVORITE part of a small town parade!

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